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Subscriptions Policy

If you are one of our exclusive subscription members at Simply Hair, tailored to suit you every need, all the information you need is below. We have created this policy so that our clients can get the absolute best out of their membership, plus being sure of all the T's &C's 

Please note this policy has been designed specifically for Simply Hair.

Each subscription is personalized to the individual clients' services and needs.

Our subscriptions are available with any of our employed stylists. Once a stylist is chosen the client will need to have the same stylist for that year as we have a tiered pricelist at Simply Hair.

In the event of staff holiday or sickness we may need to move an existing booking but we will endeavor to meet your needs as close to the original appointment and accommodate as best we can.

Any additional services that are not included in the subscriptions will be charged separately.


Subscriptions are priced on certain services and frequency of services required per year personalized to each client. So if a service is cancelled it needs to be rebooked so that the requirements are met.

Deposits are not required by members for services as a monthly payment is already being made.

Payments will go out the same time each month any issues please let us know with enough time to resolve the issue and avoid disappointment.

Subscriptions will be suspended if a payment is not made unless we are made aware, and it is something that we are dealing with.

Subscriptions are 12 monthly payments. The monthly amount will be reviewed at the end of every 12-month period subject to price increases at Simply Hair.

We will ask you to give us your date of birth so that we can remind you to book your complimentary blow dry.

Simply Hair reserves the right to change our subscription policy at any time.

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