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Keratin Blowdry
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We have got the answers to ALL your frizzy hair problems!

Are you sick of doing your hair, getting the kids to school, only to find the English drizzle has given your lovely sleek lockes an extra layer of frizz you now don't have time to fix before your 9.30 meeting?!

Well, we have the answer to fix all your hair problem's!

Tell me more? Ok!

What a Keratin Smoothing Treatment Does

☑️It reduces your drying time
☑️Helps manageability
☑️Increases shine
☑️Can help your hair to grow

What a keratin blow dry Doesn't Do
❌It is not a Chemical Straighten
❌It is not permanent, it will fade away up to 4 months
❌It won't make your hair completely straight, however it will help you manage your frizz and will smooth your hair.

Quick Fix

Stronger Healthier hair in under 30 minutes, with results that last up to 30 days

What is Quick fix?

Quick fix is an in-salon protein treatment that takes just 30mins with results that last up to a month. Defines curls, tames frizz and enjoy hair that is easier to manage however you choose to style your hair.


  • Keep the shape of your hair while adding strength, hydration and shine.

  • Gives an intense boost of either moisture or strength to the hair

  • Can be repeated once a week with even better results each time

  • A great introduction to Fabriq treatments and products

  • Massaged into the hair so that tangles disappear

Quick Fix +

Intensify the treatment and the results with quick fix +. Even greater repair, strength and hydration in just 45minutes.


  • Even more luxurious in salon treatment

  • Leaves thick, dry, weak or damaged hair feeling stronger, softer and healthier with incredible shine

  • For hair that needs an extra boost to leave it looking and feeling amazing

  • Results lasts up to one month


What is Reset?

Reset is a low PH treatment that transforms the shape , strength and condition of every type of hair.

After a reset treatment, your hair will be quick and easy to manage so you can choose whatever style you would like.


  • Straightens and smooths frizzy wavy or curly hair

  • Strengthens and repairs damaged hair

  • Protects against damage

  • Lasts for up to 4months

  • Adds shine

  • Fights humidity

  • Makes hair quicker and easier to style

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a keratin blow dry damage my hair?

Hair is made up of proteins. Reset works with these natural building blocks of the hair to transform its shape, strength and more.  Reset gently loosens the hairs’ bonds to prevent curls and frizz from forming
while our amazing low-pH proteins repair damage and strengthen every strand.

Will my hair be straight forever?

Whilst it can loosen the hairs' bonds, it's not permanent. The treatment will last up to 4 months using the recommended Fabriq home care products.  This product will require you to still blow dry and straighten your hair to get the full effect.  It is not a chemical straighten or a relaxer.  It is designed to help with manageability when it comes to styling your hair.

Will the Reset Treatment help my frizzy hair and the humidity?

Dry, damaged hair reacts to changes in humidity by becoming frizzy and unable to hold your style. This is because the weakened structure of the hair absorbs moisture easily.
Reset fills the gaps in the hair with low pH proteins which prevent excess moisture from getting in. These proteins strengthen the inner structure of each strand and smooth the outer surface, and the results last for up to four months

Can I have a consultation before committing?

We always recommend a consultation before all of our technical services.  Simply book a free consultation with the team, and they will happily discuss the process.
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We can tailor these treatments to suit your individual hair type, they are particularly good for hair that is:

  • Curly wavy or afro textured

  • Thick and hard to manage

  • Weak and damaged

There are two options to suit your hair best, Rehydrate or Rebuild.

Please fill out our online consultation form and one of our fabulous Stylists will advise which treatment is best for you and your hair needs.


Terms and Conditions

If you're new to Simply Hair Salon or changing your colour we recommend a consultation before booking.

You can do this online by filling in an online consultation form or booking a free 15 minute consultation on our online booking system.

We require a card capture to secure all colour bookings.

You can cancel your appointment up to 48 hours before and you will not be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

We understand things happen and sometimes you have to cancel last minute.

In these circumstances, we always endeavour to fill the appointment space but if we cannot fill that space we will have to charge your card.

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