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Instant Confidence Boosting Services for the Women of Chelmsford!

The Secret to fuller more voluminious Hair in Just Hours -
Exclusively at Simply Hair Salon!!!

Achieve an Instant Transformation with our expert Extension placement, in just 1 appointment!

Say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair and hello to full, voluminess hair!


Are you wanting to add length, volume or a splash of colour to your hair? Or even trying to grow your own hair?

Adding Hair Extensions are a great way to add volume to the sides, length to your never growing hair, or even balayage blonde without the damage of bleach!

  At Simply Hair we use Zen Luxury hair extensions.

Hair Extension Options at Simply Hair Salon a range of methods to suit your goals

and lifestyle:


I Tips and Nano I Tips

🤍Suitable for all hair types

🤍Last 10-12 weeks with easy removal

🤍Hair quality guaranteed for 6 months, conditional on following our care advice.


Tape Extensions

🤍Ideal for enhancing Length and Volume

🤍Best for fine to medium hair types

🤍Maintains perfect look for 6-8 weeks

🤍Hair quality guaranteed for 6 months, conditional on using the recommended products and following care instructions.

🤍Quick and simple application process.


At Simply Hair Salon, we understand that hair extensions are a perfect enhancement service for many women who long for fuller hair.  We aim to provide each client with a transformative experience that aligns with their personal hair goals and lifestyle choices.

Consultation Process:

Start with our online consultation form  to help us understand your needs.

Our Hair Extension experts will guide you through the selection process:

Colour matching and deciding the number of packs needed based on whether you’re enhancing volume or transforming length.

For subtle volume, typically 2-3 packs are sufficient.

For full length and volume, 4-6 packs may be required, depending on your hair’s natural density and length.

Investment: Time and Money

Each appointment is tailored to individual requirements, ensuring you receive the most effective and satisfying, bespoke results.

We value your time and investment, charging £65 per hour for both fitting and subsequent adjustments, including removal and re-taping for tape extensions.

Our simple pricing approach is designed to provide clarity and transparency about what clients can expect but also emphasises the personalised nature and the long-term value of the services provided by Simply Hair Salon.

Zen  Hair Extension consultation  at Simply Hair Chelmsford.png

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Hair Extensions applied?

We use Zen Luxury Hair Extensions and they are either applied by rings which are clamped together with a piece of your hair, or we use tapes which has a glue based stripe and the extension is stuck to your hair.  Both  are easily removed without damage

Who can wear hair extensions?

Anyone can wear hair extensions, however we do need to make sure your own hair is strong enough and there isn't breakage in the hair.  

How long do hair extensions last?

Hair extensions can last anything from 3 months to 6 months as long as they are well cared for at home

How do I care for my Hair Extensions at home?

We will provide you with a leaflet and an email that explains everything you need to know to care for your hair extensions. We will also recommend products and brushes.

What Our Clients Think

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