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Battling Frizzy, unruly hair in damp weather conditions?

Want to have Smooth Shiny Hair that Dries Quickly?

We are helping busy professional working women battle frizzy hair by providing them with amazing results instantly!


We have got the answers to ALL your frizzy hair problem's!

Are you sick of doing your hair, getting the kids to school, only to find the English drizzle has given your lovely sleek lockes an extra layer of frizz you now don't have time to fix before your 9.30 meeting?!

Well, we have the answer to fix all your winter hair problem's!

Tell me more? Ok!


What you will get in our Keratin Blow Dry Package:

Set your hair goals


Find out what bothers you about your hair.  Set some hair goals and help you achieve them on a daily basis.

Keratin Blow dry

We will give you the ultimate frizz dismiss blow dry.  We use a product called Fabriq,(formally kerastraight) and we will 'reset' your hairs frizz leaving you with the smoothest hair for up to 4 months.


Cut and Finish

Say good bye to those dead ends and hello to sharp edges.  This complmentary cut is going to take your Keratin Blow dry to the next level

An amazing goodie bag full of Fabriq hair care products

This will help the longevity of your keratin treatment.  Reset can last up to 4 months, but can be shortened if you don't use the correct home care products.  This little life saver is worth £25!

Complimentary Quick Fix Service

After 2 months, you will be invited back to recieve a complimentary 2 month top up with a Quick Fix to ensure your Keratin Blow Dry will last a little longer



This is an offer not to be missed this winter!


The value for all of this is £272.20 but you can have it all for £130!!!

(This price is for short hair)

For medium length hair the value is £338.20 but yours for £150!

For long/thick hair the value is £405.20 but yours for £200!

Ready to go?


This offer is exclusively with Selected Stylst and is subject to availability.  

You can either book directly or book a free consultation and you can have a face to face consultation first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a keratin blow dry damage my hair?

Hair is made up of proteins. Reset works with these natural building blocks of the hair to transform its shape, strength and more.

Reset gently loosens the hairs’ bonds to prevent curls and frizz from forming
while our amazing low-pH proteins repair damage and strengthen every strand.

Will my hair be straight forever?

Whilst it can loosen the hairs' bonds, it's not permanent. The treatment will last up to 4 months with using the recommended Fabriq home care products.

Will the Reset Treatment help my frizzy hair and the humidity?

Dry, damaged hair reacts to changes in humidity by becoming frizzy and unable to hold your style. This is because the weakened structure of the hair absorbs moisture easily.

Reset fills the gaps in the hair with low pH proteins which prevent excess moisture from getting in. These proteins strengthen the inner structure of each strand and smooth the outer surface, and the results last for up to four months

Can I have a consultation before committing?

We always recommend a consultation before all of our technical services.  Simply book a free consultation with the team, and they will happily discuss the process.

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