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Unlocking Your Perfect Blonde: A Guide to Finding the Right Tone for Your Skin

Updated: Apr 23

Have you ever had a toner put on your hair and thought, ‘oh no’ that was a mistake!’  There was a period not that long ago when every blonde wanted to be grey and ashy, but not everyone suits those tones.  In this blog we will guide you into finding out your perfect blonde for your skin tone.

The quest for the ideal blonde shade can be daunting, with considerations like warm or cool undertones and colour preferences complicating the decision-making process. Fear not; we've got a simple and effective method to help you discover the tones that suit you best.

What tone are you? Do you suit more warm tones for blonde hair or more cool tones for blonde hair? At Simply Hair Chelmsford, Essex

The Method:

To unveil the hues that enhance your natural beauty, start with a white sheet draped over your clothes in natural light. This ensures accurate colour perception without unwanted glare. Armed with a silver and a gold object, hold each against your skin, preferably on the inside of your arm, and observe how your skin reacts.

  • If your skin radiates warmth next to gold, you lean towards warmer tones.

  • If your skin glows beside silver, cooler tones might be your match.

This quick self-test provides a preliminary insight into your undertones, but for a more detailed analysis, consider consulting a colour matching expert who can guide you through a comprehensive assessment.

Warm Tones:

Indicators: Gold enhances your skin tone.

Recommended  Shades for clothes:

  • Autumnal hues such as oranges, browns, navy blue, and warm greens.

  • Spring colours like cream, corals, soft yellows, and deep ruby reds.

What Blonde Shades:

  • Sandy blondes, golden hues, apricot glaze, chestnut and buttery blondes

Celebrity Inspiration

Golden Lived in Blonde inspired from Jennifer annistan hair colour.  By Simply Hair Chelmsford, Essex
Jennifer Anistan Inspired hair colour. Created by Eleanor at Simply Hair

Jennifer Aniston's Lived-In Blonde: Effortless Sophistication

  • Skin Tone: Warm with neutral undertones.

  • Why It Suits Her: Jennifer Aniston's lived-in blonde is effortlessly sophisticated. The neutral undertones harmonise with her medium complexion, providing a low-maintenance yet polished appearance.

How to Ask for It: Choose a lived-in blonde with neutral undertones for a chic and low-maintenance look that effortlessly complements warm skin tones.

Balayage inspired by Jennifer Lopez's hair colour at Simply Hair Chelmsford, Essex
Balayage inspired by J-Lo's hair colour. Colour by Kerry and Kiera at Simply Hair.

Jennifer Lopez's Balayage Blonde: Sun-Kissed Allure

  • Skin Tone: Tan with warm undertones.

  • Why It Suits Her: Jennifer Lopez's balayage blonde exudes sun-kissed allure. The warm undertones add a natural glow to her tan complexion, creating a harmonious and beachy vibe.

How to Ask for It: Opt for balayage blonde with warm undertones to achieve a sun-kissed and effortlessly glamorous look that beautifully complements a tan complexion.

Blonde highlights inspired by Margot Robbie hair colour at Simply Hair Chelmsford, Essex
Margot Robbie inspired hair colour by Eleanor at Simply Hair

Margot Robbie's Bright Blonde: Radiant Warmth

  • Skin Tone: Fair with warm undertones.

  • Why It Suits Her: Margot Robbie's bright blonde radiates warmth, enhancing her fair complexion with a sunny and vibrant glow. The warm undertones seamlessly blend with her skin, creating a striking yet natural appearance.

How to Ask for It: For a bright blonde with warm undertones like Margot Robbie's, request a bright, ash gold.  We need to be clear that this blonde is light and bright, supported with both Ashy and Golden tones, the importance of incorporating warmth into the blonde to achieve that sunlit effect. This will ensure a vibrant and flattering result that complements fair skin beautifully.

Cool Tones:

Indicators: Silver complements your skin tone.

Recommended Shades for clothes:

  • Cooler muted browns, greys, burgundy, bottle green, and bolder shades of blues.

  • Additional options include purples, greens, charcoal greys, and deep blues.

What Blonde shades?

  • Ashy, bright, silver hues, mushroom cool, iridescent violets

Celebrity Inspiration:

Bright bold blonde inspired by Lady Ga Ga bright blonde at Simply Hair Chelmsford
Bright Bold Blonde inspired by Lady Ga Ga bright blonde - Created by Eleanor at Simply Hair

Lady Gaga's High-Impact Blonde: Platinum Elegance

  • Skin Tone: Fair with cool undertones.

  • Why It Suits Her: Lady Gaga's platinum blonde is iconic, exuding confidence and glamour. The cool tones enhance her fair complexion, creating a striking contrast.

  • How to Ask for It: Request a platinum blonde with cool undertones for a high-impact and ultra-chic look that beautifully complements fair skin.

Classic blonde highlights at Simply hair Chelmsford, Essex
Classic Blonde Highlights inspired by Taylor Swift. Created by Eleanor at Simply Hair

Taylor Swift's Classic Highlights: Timeless Elegance

  • Skin Tone: Light with neutral undertones.

  • Why It Suits Her: Taylor Swift's classic highlights are timeless and  elegant. The neutral undertones in her skin are best suited with the subtle, well-blended blonde highlights. This classic approach enhances her natural beauty, adding dimension without overpowering her light complexion. How to Ask for It: If you're inspired by Taylor Swift's classic highlights, opt for a more subtle and timeless blonde. Request well-blended, natural-looking highlights that complement your light complexion. Ensure you ask for a classic and sophisticated result that stands the test of time.

Ultimately the best way to ensure you find the perfect tone for your blonde hair is by having a face to face colour consultation.

Here are our top tips for the perfect guide for an amazing colour consultation:

  • Show photos of when you loved your hair colour

  • Save your inspo photos on instagram or pintrest in a saved folder so it is easy to find

  • Being honest with your stylist. Tell them all your hair disasters and what you loved in the past.

  • Tell us your colour history, every single home dye or purple mask confession!

For inspiration checkout our blonding services at Simply Hair Chelmsford or if you would like a free colour consultaion with us, Simply fill in this quick online consultation form.

We hope you have enjoyed our latest blog, Unlocking Your Perfect Blonde: A Guide To Finding the Right Tone for Your Skin

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