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The trending hair cuts and colours for 2023!

Updated: Apr 23

Simply Hair Salon in Chelmsford

As we enter into 2023!! (How on earth did that happen??)

We are always bombarded with 'new year new you' headlines. These are designed to motivate us into setting goals, dig out our gym clothes, and change our look.!

This part of January is so set in its ways, we all know what's coming up after Christmas, gym memberships, holiday brochures and diet clubs!!

As we are part and parcel to the new look craze, we want to let you know you don't have to change, we think you are pretty perfect, but if you are thinking of switching it up, by either having a chop, adding extra hair to create volume or even to add more warmth to your hair.

Getting your hair done and changing it up slightly can really give you the best confidence boost. We all know we feel great once our roots are gone.

So we have had a look at this year's hair trends and I have to say they are delicious. Think golden brunettes, buttery blondes, burnt coppers, blunt bobs with textured curtain bangs, long layers creating beautiful texture with length.

All of these trend hair colours and cuts are completely workable to most hair types and will leave you feeling fabulous for 2023.

Let's take a look at these hair trends for 2023.

Golden brunettes

Think j-lo dark long hair with golden sun kissed ribbons cascading down her long glossy hair. This colour is fab for those dark brunettes that want a little lift creating golden tones to brighten your hair. Or if you are wanting to darken down your blonde hair. If you are finding that your roots are coming in too fast, why not tone down your blonde hair with a root smudge and gloss. A root smudge will create a fake root, we match your colour to your natural hair colour, instantly adding depth to your hair. The gloss will create a lovely warmth, making your hair shiny and expensive looking.

Golden Brunette at Simply Hair Chelmsford Essex

Warm caramel and toffee tones can be added to dark brunettes by lifting with a bleach to a warm blonde. Then will be added to give a gorgeous richness full of reflective tones.

To see if we can add colour to your dark hair. Fill out our colour consultation form.

Butterfly hair cut layered cut at Simply Hair Chelmsford Essex

Bombshell Layers

These layers are otherwise known as the butterfly cut, inspired to create that 90’s supermodel effect. This cut is face framing layer technique, which accentuates your features, builds volume and blended layers without losing too much length. This haircut is perfect for hair that is long and thick and you do not know what to do with all the length. By adding face framing layers, you instantly get a new hair cut without losing too much length.

Golden balayage at Simply Hair Chelmsford Essex

Invisible Layers

Invisible layers are still very popular and are perfect for those hair cuts where you want to keep the length, and want volume and texture but you don't want a lot of layers. This kind of haircut is perfect for more finer hair, where heavy layering runs the risk of losing length. Also this layering works well on long bobs, or bobs where you want a heavy bass line, but you want lots of movement.

Curtain bangs inspiration

Curtain bangs or a fringe

The fringe is going to be HUGE in 2023!!! And will be changing through the seasons! Let's face it ladies fringe is cheaper than botox!! And yes you do have to work at it, but once you have the perfect fringe, it will require a little love otherwise you may look like you had a fright!

The winner so far this winter has been inspired by the Netflix show ‘Wednesday’ This fringe is one that needs work.

Regular fringe trims every 2 weeks to stop it from going out of shape. Also if you are not feeling washing your hair but your fringe is flat to your face. No problem. Get a hair band and a paddle brush and sweep all your hair to the back and pop up out of the way. Then spritz your hair with a light spray. We recommend one united by Redken. This lightweight spray will dampen your hair and will be perfect for reshaping your fringe, then get your round brush and hair dryer and dry your hair creating a little volume. You now have a stylish look without losing an hour washing and blow drying your hair.

Other fringes are set to inspire this year are sweeping fringes and curly ones too. So just because you may have curly hair, doesn't mean you can’t get a slice of the fringe action. This choppy fringe works great with invisible layers, creating a very textured style which will suit fine and thick hair.

Discuss with your stylist in your consultation about getting 'bangs' but remember you will need to get a trim every 2-3 weeks. We offer complimentary fringe trims for our regular ladies.

Buttery blondes at Simply Hair Chelmsford Essex

Buttery Blondes

Golden and buttery blondes are to die for this year. We are loving the looks coming through off the catwalk and into the mainstream requests. Buttery blondes give your blonde hair so much more depth without being dark.. Adding a warmer tone to your gloss adds so much more to your hair. The gold tones add more reflection, making your hair seem brighter, they add interest to your hair, sandy golden tones and more appealing to the eye and when the sun bounces off your hair, it will catch anyone's eye. This service is easy to request. Making sure you have a consultation with your stylist first, ask for buttery blondes added to your gloss formula. If you have been a hard core ash blonde, you will need to put the purple shampoo down and you may need a service to remove the build up of ash colour first. Always check with your stylist if this colour is achievable and take lots of inspo pictures to your colour consultation appointment. To make sure you keep your blonde hair bright and nourished we advise our blonde hair clients to refresh their gloss every 4-6 weeks and have a home care routine of nourishing shampoo's and mask's to keep the hair healthy and shiny. We recommend Pureolgy Strength Cure shampoo and mask

Cowboy copper at Simply Hair Chelmsford Essex


Still going strong this winter! The copper trend is not going anywhere for a while. There are so many different coppers that your hair could be. Depending on your own level of darkness/lightness will determine what kind of copper you can have. But don’t let that steer you away from wanting to go copper. Again with any new colour we always recommended that you book in for colour consultation or fill out one of our colour consultation forms Again go to your colour consultation with your inspo pictures. But be prepared to change your wardrobe! Greens and navy go really well with copper hair, and work really well if you are a warmer skin tone.

Like the blondes, your copper will need a refresh every 3-4 weeks, depending on your hair's health and how often you wash your hair. A colour protection shampoo and mask will help the longevity of your colour. We recommend Innnoluxe Saved shampoo and mask. All products we recommend in our blog are vegan friendly and are big colour saving home care products.


Feeling inspired? Let us help you make your 2023 hair goals giving you the confidence boost you desire!!

If you want to discuss your hair in one of our face to face consultation, fill out one of our consultation forms and one of our team will book you in for a in depth colour consultation.

Or, If you are looking to book in straight away head, skip the consultation and book in and check out our availably this January.


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